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Laboratory use only.
Not for human consumption.

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Our Phenylpiracetam is the perfect legal alternative to piracetam, producing almost identical results when tested. Phenylpiracetam has hundreds of outcomes, such as improving focus, suppressing anxiety and enhancing problem-solving skills - it was once even prescribed to Russian soldiers to enhance their mental and physical performance. This nootropic substance has been reposrted to be a great working and studying aid; it's stimulating qualities has meant that researchers have sometimes got twice as much work done. As Phenylpiracetam is also a mood enhancer, scientists have noted that subjects tend to breeze through work while working more efficiently than ever before. This legal 'racetam' is available across Europe. Unlike caffeine, there are no adverse results like jittering - Phenylpiracetam really is a must-have for any researcher interested in nootropics.

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