Benzodiazepines / Flunitrazolam 0.25mg Pellets


1 pellet contains 0.25mg Flunitrazolam
Laboratory use only.
Not for human consumption.

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Price per unit
50 to 99 (pellet)
USD 0.87
100 to 149 (pellet)
USD 0.78
150 to 249 (pellet)
USD 0.74
250 to 349 (pellet)
USD 0.66
350 to 499 (pellet)
USD 0.60
500 (pellet) and more
USD 0.47

What is Flunitrazolam?
Flunitrazolam is a research chemical that falls in the benzodiazepine class. It is very similar to the chemicals Clonazolam and Flubromazolam. Despite that it is relatively new to the research chemical scene, Flunitrazolam is quickly becoming a favorite amongst research chemicals due to its potency and its reduced after-log results. In other words, many chemical researchers believe that this chemical provides a highly desired balance of research findings for a benzodiazepine. Experimental results for Flunitrazolam often yield findings of sedation, disinhibition, dream potentiation, residual sleepiness, thought deceleration, and muscle relaxation. Flunitrazolam is very potent, so proper safety precautions should always be taken in laboratories. Combining Flunitrazolam with other research chemicals such as opiates, barbiturates, gabapentinoids, and thienodazepines, for experiments can be dangerous.

Where to buy Flunitrazolam?
Here at BUYRC.ORG, we sell high-quality Flunitrazolam. Our Flunitrazolam typically comes in pellet, powder, or blotter form. However, if you would like another form, feel free to contact us to check if we have it available. Our Flunitrazolam is not intended for human or animal use. You must be at least 18 years old to buy Flunitrazolam from us.

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