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5% CBD (500mg)
Volume: 10ml
CBD products are intended for consumption.
This product is safe to consume.

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Price per unit
1 to 2 (bottle)
USD 40.01
3 to 4 (bottle)
USD 35.57
5 to 9 (bottle)
USD 33.79
10 to 19 (bottle)
USD 30.23
20 to 34 (bottle)
USD 27.57
35 (bottle) and more
USD 21.34

Our CBD Vape Juice contains vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, CBD and a hint of flavouring to create the perfect vaping blend. Made from our pure CBD powder, this product is free from nicotine and other additives. It is suitable for all atomisers and electronic cigarette tanks.

VG/PG ratio of 80:20 to provide a smooth satisfying vape.

CBD Vape Juice is made from hemp plants. These plants contain only active Cannabidiol, CBD, without Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC.

In this case, you need to have a vaporizer in your laboratory. It is a tool which could help to heat up CBD and convert it into vapor for inhaling. CBD vaporizes between 210 and 240 °C (highest temperature means the highest concentration of CBD).

Biochemistry of CBD shows anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties. It could slightly interact with other plant compounds like THC or terpenes, and could even reduce negative THC effects.

CBD Vape Juice physical effects may include sedation, bronchodilation and increase heart rate, while cognitive effects may include analysis enhancement, creativity or emotion enhancement, effects on libido, dreams or sense of humor, increase in music appreciation. Also, some studies report that CBD Vape Juice can help with muscle pain.

CBD Vape Juice ((-)-trans-2-p-Mentha-1,8-dien-3-yl-5-pentylresorcinol, C21H30O2 Mr 314g/mol) comes in a liquid form.

Always store in a cool, dry place for maximum shelf-life.

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