Lysergamides / ALD-52 100mcg Blotters


1 blotter contains 100mcg ALD-52
Laboratory use only.
Not for human consumption.

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Price per unit
10 to 14 (blotter)
USD 9.23
15 to 24 (blotter)
USD 8.82
25 to 34 (blotter)
USD 8.00
35 to 49 (blotter)
USD 7.39
50 (blotter) and more
USD 6.26

What is ALD-52?
ALD-52 is short for 1-Acetyl-N,N-diethyllysergamide. This research chemical falls into the lysergamide chemical class. Structurally, this research chemical is similar to the famous LSD in nature. Many chemical researchers have claimed that the findings of ALD-52 are indistinguishable from those of LSD. So, if you perform research experiments with this chemical, there is a very good chance that you will notice the similarity that it has to LSD. Common results of experiments with ALD-52 are stimulation, spontaneous physical sensations, analysis enhancement, conceptual thinking, delusion, déjà vu, ego replacement, emotion enhancement, increased libido, focus enhancement, time distortion, color enhancement, pattern recognition enhancement, drifting sensations, visual acuity enhancement, transformations, and hallucinations. Experiments with ALD-52 are often are wild and extreme.

Where to buy ALD-52?
Here at BUYRC.ORG, we have high-quality ALD-52 available for sale. Our ALD-52 comes in the form of blotters. If you would prefer another form, then contact us to see when other forms might be available.

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