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Laboratory use only.
Not for human consumption.

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10 to 19 (gr)
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20 to 49 (gr)
USD 31.03
50 (gr) and more
USD 23.87

What is 5F-ADB?
5F-ADB is a highly potent cannabinoid. It was discovered in 2014 and has been delighting chemical researchers around the world for the last five years. 5F-ADB was first discovered in South Korea. Experiments with 5F-ADB commonly yield findings of increased appetite, pain relief, perception of body lightness, changes in perception of gravity, emotion enhancement, mindfulness, analysis suppression, thought connectivity, conceptual thinking, anxiety, and paranoia. Chemical researchers frequently report the findings of 5F-ADB to be very similar to strong cannabinoid experiments. Caution is advised to chemical researchers who experiment with 5F-ADB because its potency can result in enhanced findings. So, make sure proper laboratory safety precautions are utilized.

Where to buy 5F-ADB?
Here at BUYRC.ORG, we sell high-quality 5F-ADB. However, the product has been temporarily discontinued. We recommend 4F-ADB instead.

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