Stimulants / 3-FMA Powder


Laboratory use only.
Not for human consumption.

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1 to 2 (gr)
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3 to 4 (gr)
USD 23.40
5 to 9 (gr)
USD 22.23
10 to 19 (gr)
USD 19.89
20 to 34 (gr)
USD 18.14
35 (gr) and more
USD 14.04

What is 3-FMA?
3-FMA is a research chemical that falls under the substitute amphetamine chemical class. In terms of chemical structure, 3-FMA is very similar to 2-FMA, 3-FA, 4-FMA, and 4-FA. 3-FMA stands for 3-Fluoromethamphetamine. This research chemical is very new and as a result, there is not an abundance of reports about the results of experimenting with this chemical. Due to this fact, you should take precaution if you plan to experiment with it. However, early reports have shown that 3-FMA produces findings of stimulation, tactile enhancement, cognitive euphoria, time distortion, thought acceleration, wakefulness, motivation enhancement, and analysis enhancement. Wear your safety goggles when you are experimenting with 3-FMA.

Where to buy 3-FEA?
Here at BUYRC.ORG, we sell some of the best-quality 3-FMA available on the market. Our 3-FMA typically comes in the form of powder. However, we often have other forms available. So, feel free to contact us is you would like to buy 3-FMA in another form.

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