Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept PayPal?
We are unable to accept PayPal as selling research chemicals is a breach of Paypal’s Terms & Conditions. Therefore, we are not authorised to use them as a payment partner.

How will my order be packaged?
We package all items discreetly by placing them in vacuum-sealed bags – these are then kept inside an inconspicuous padded envelope. All orders are packed flat as if they were a letter containing documents/tickets. We are also using an undetectable packaging method to ensure max. stealthness

What courier service do you use?
Packages are either sent by Post.NL or DHL, our chosen ‘Express / Next Day’ delivery partner. Other options available upon request. Just ask!

Do I receive tracking information with my order?
Tracking information will be provided with all shipping methods that include this feature – Standard International DOES NOT come with any facility for tracking. Tracking numbers are emailed automatically to you by the shipping companies.

How long do packages usually take to arrive?
Orders within the Netherlands are usually received on the next working day, and we also offer an express service which guarantees your order reaches you next day. Please select this option if its important to you to receive it next day. International orders (outside the Netherlands) take approximately 2-5 business days to arrive within the European Union. Non-EU orders can take anywhere from 7-14 business days, but please bear in mind that these guidelines are not exact.

What happens if my package does not arrive?
We define ‘lost’ in the following way:

+ Within the Netherlands: ‘Lost’ means that your package has not been received within seven working days of the due delivery date.
+ Within the EU: ‘Lost’ means that your package has not been received within 21 working days of the due delivery date.
+ Outside of the EU: ‘Lost’ means that your package has not been received within 28 working days of the due delivery date.

If an item is officially ‘lost,’ we will replace your order provided that you have selected a tracked, guaranteed or insured service. Each customer is entitled to one free re-ship if they have a package that is confirmed as ‘lost’ in this manner. It is your right as a customer to have your order re-shipped if it has not arrived within a set amount of time as defined by the rules above. Don’t settle for anything less from a vendor – it is our responsibility to chase up the package if it goes missing, and not yours. However, your patience is required when things do go missing, and we have to wait a set number of working days before we can declare it as ‘lost’ and re-ship it.

Do you ship to the Australia, Canada or New Zealand?
We are pleased to say that we do ship to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.